UnderHyped Read-A-Thon WrapUp

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In which we wind out how terrible I am at keeping with my TBR lists...

I've read... well, not as much as I wanted to but given the fact I actually had three exams that week and has to write a report on a book I haven't read before (yay for speed-reading history books) I think it was all right.

So here's what I read and finished:

Doris Lessing: The Cleft
I've read this book for over a year, maybe a lot over a year actually. For past half a year I had only last 70 pages to finish (out of 220 pages total). And it didn't happen until now. So now I'm satisfied. Finally! And the end was quite good actually so it's only the middle part that destroyed it for me. Such a shame but I'll definitely read some more Doris Lessing some time soon.
The story is a fictional tale of beginning of the human race as written by a Roman historian (I think he was Roman). The best thing about it is that everything started with women which is a take you rarely get.

Hagen Schulze: States, Nations and Nationalism
So here's the history book. It was a good one and I managed to finish the report on time and the teacher like it so I'm not gonna talk about this any more...

Hilary Mantel: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
This Read-A-Thon wasn't all about reading and much more about listening for me because I've had a mild migraine lately so listening is easier for me. Also I can listen to audiobooks when in work or on my way to school and it's really nice to ignore everyone for once.
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher is a short story collection and it was my first run-in with Hilary Mantel. Honestly I love most of the book. The writing style is great and most of the stories were beautifully crafted. But to be honest there were couple of them that I can't remember at all. Some of them just didn't get my attention and even though I remember listening to them I just don't know anything about them. But I'll be definitely looking to reading something more from Hilary Mantel.

Keith R.A. DeCandido: Dragon Precinct and Unicorn Precinct
I've read some review describing these books (from a series called Cliff's End) as a C.S.I. novel in fantasy setting and I think they were about right. I've since listen to all four novels and I really enjoyed them, the first one was entertaining, the second one was a bit less because I just expected it to be better than the first one and it wasn't. The thirth (Goblin Precinct) and fourth (Gryphon Precinct) were both better though.

And here's what I didn't finish (because of reasons):

Glastonbury: Když svatí pochodujou
A collection of essays published by Czech musical journalists for the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury festival. There isn't really much to say about that, I've read 74 pages so far and I love it but it's non fiction so I don't feel the need to rush through it at any quicker pace.

John King: Skinheads
This is one of books that have been on my shelf for ages and I plan to read it some time this year but so far it looks like I'll stay 25 pages in for a while.

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