The Imaginary Girlfriend (Irving)

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Written by: John Irving

Read for the TBR Pile Challenge.

The Imaginary Girlfriend was my first venture into Irving's writing. First I wasn't sure if I'm gonna like the style, if it just isn't something that "isn't for me" as it happens sometimes. But after couple of pages, I was hooked.

That said, The Imaginary Girlfriend is a memoir, so it isn't some great venture into Irving's imagination, which is what I'm most curious about in books. However I fell in love with his writing style. It didn't matter, that the main topic of the book was fighting which I know literary nothing about and am not interested in what so ever. But the lever of excitement with which Irving describes his fighting "career" is amazing and it sucked me in.

Irving recalls important moments in his life and for most of the time they were either fighting (or fighting trainer) or writing. He thinks back on his high school years, his teachers, his reading problems because of dyslexia and later on his students and his sons. In a span of 110 pages you find more stories that you were aware you can get.

For me personally The Imaginary Girlfriend was a great start in Irving and I hope to read some more of his works some time soon (I've got a copy of The World According to Garp at home, so we'll see how fast I'm gonna get to that one).

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