TBR Pile Challenge

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Because I don't have enough of challenges, I'm taking the TBR Pile Challenge hosted by Room Beam Reader. The aim is to read more books that you've own for a long time - more than a year. So I picked up some, it's twelve of them and two alts in case I won't be able to read some of them. And ideal case I will read all 14 of them.

1) Jim Butcher: "Fool Moon"
2) Seth Grahame-Smith: "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"
3) Kazuo Ishiguro: "The Remains of the Day"
4) Roald Dahl's "Book of Ghost Stories"
5) Joseph Connolly: "The Works"
6) Keith Ridgway: "Standard Time"
7) Andey Kurkov: "Death and the Penguin"
8) Haruki Murakami: "Kafka on a Shore"
9) Margaret Atwood: "The Blind Assassin"
10) John Irving: "The Imaginary Girlfriend" (1996/2005) [Jan 6]
11) Allen Ginsberg: "Howl, Kaddish and Other Poems"
12) Truman Capote: "In Cold Blood"

1) Don DeLillo: "Cosmopolis"
2) Virginia Woolf: "Mrs Dalloway"

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