Comic Book Wrap Up January 2015 - weeks 1 & 2

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Because I've been reading a lot of comic books and graphic novel (and books with lots of illustrations) I decided to to a weekly (or fortnightly) wrap up of the stuff I read. I can't promise I'll keep up with that, you know, because life happens sometimes. But I've got some hope.

Warning: may or may not contain spoilers! You've been warned!

Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman
This one take s the existing Marvel superheroes and creates a new reality in 1602. I was afraid I won't like it, because there are just two or three characters I really care about in the Marvel Universum (because I haven't read all of the comic books and my repertoire is obviously lacking) and only one of them is in this (and she's a traitor). But I should have trusted Neil Gaiman more, because it was brilliant. Just when you get used to the characters you know being early 17th century versions of themselves, the world's about to end.

Marvel's Secret War by Brian Michael Bendis
There's something wrong with the way villains around the city group together and attack the superheroes. And none of the attacked can quite figure out what it is and why it's happening. But it wouldn't be a proper Marvel mystery if Fury didn't have his hands in it. So we got a "team" of confused superheroes and a super secret coup d'etat that no one remembers about.

Captain America: Red Menace (Vol. 1 & 2) by Ed Brubaker
I don't really like Captain America. Actually I think Steve Rogers is the least interesting character in the entire universe. (Excluding his MCU side-kicks, Bucky's great, Peggy's brilliant and who doesn't like Sam? And Natasha, I don't even need to talk about the fact she stole the CA: TWS for herself, right?) However Red Meance... Well, where to start on Red Menace. One - I have no idea how exactly this fits into the stuff that's happening. I know what happens after but this one was bit of a surprise. But I finally found out who Sin is. (Red Skull's daughter, for those who are in the dark.) And then there is Crossbones and I kinda like him. And we've got glimpses of Bucky Barnes.
Basically Red Menace reflects things that happened in the past and how they mirror into the future (or the present). Red Skull is back and the trouble ensues. And it's surprisingly good!

Civil War: Captain America (+ Winter Soldier: Winter Kills) by Ed Brubaker
Civil War arc follows the clash between government initiative to register superheroes and bunch of superheroes that aren't comfortable with the whole thing. And - surprise surprise, Captain America is the symbol of these misfits.
To be honest, I'm not really taken with the whole Civil War story, I don't like it, I don't think I'll like it the upcoming movie, I don't really know what to do about it. But! This collection includes little off shot Winter Kills and we all know that I love me some Winter Soldier. So it wasn't that terrible after all. However I don't think I will be reading any more Civil War books, unless they're translated to Czech and I can find them in library. Because I'll read any comic book I find in the library!

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