UnderHyped Read-A-Thon TBR (19 - 25 January)

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This is my second time (out of two) joining UnderHyped Read-A-Thon and last time I was really bad at reading, I don't even remember how much I read but it wasn't a lot. And I know for sure I won't be able to read much this time around either because of some exams I have to take next week.

Anyway - I do have overly ambitious To Be Read list just so I have enough books to pick from (also I already started reading some of these so I might actually finish one or two of them).

#1 Doris Lessing: The Cleft (1,761 GR ratings)
I started reading this book about a year ago (it might be even longer) and I still haven't finished it. It was good for about 100 pages but I lost interest after that. However I'd like to finish it because I've got like another 100 pages to go and it wasn't so bad I'd have to put it down completely.

#2 Empower: Fight Like A Girl (14 GR ratings)
A collection of short stories by really cool ladies, lots of them are television writers. I've had it on my Kindle for ages and I'm still only about 12% in. But I figured a short story collection might be a good thing for this read-a-thon.

#3 B. S. Johnson: Christie Malry's Own Double Entry (700 GR ratings)
A short novel that's a little crazy but a good fun (at least I thought after first 20 pages). It's my father's favourite so I figured I might actually read it.

#4 Pascal Mercier: Lea (352 GR ratings)
I've read Mercier's Night Train to Lisboa and absolutely loved it, I started reading Lea since it is the only other book of his translated to Czech and while I liked it I just didn't have any motivation to finish it. So I'll probably just start all over again.

#5 William Trevor: Bodily Secrets (72 GR ratings)
One of Penguin Great Loves collection that I bought last week. These books are usually really short short story collections so it might be good for me to read just something quick.

#6 Samuel Selvon: Moses Ascending (103 GR ratings)
I've read Selvon's Lonely Londoners last month and absolutely loved it so I'm hoping to get to the sequel. I don't know if it really is a continuation but the main character's name in the first one was Moses, so I'll just assume it is.

#7 Martin Booth: The American (or A Very Private Gentleman) (940 GR ratings)
I don't know much about this book except it was filmed by Anton Corbijn who is a god and my favourite photographer/director/anything of all time and it had George Clooney in it. And in order to be able to watch the film (after years since it's been released) I want to read the book. Also I've had it on my shelf for more than five years I think, I need to do something about it!

#8 Yeats Is Dead!: A Mystery by 15 Irish Writers (483 GR ratings)
I've had this one for a while and I figured I could finally read it. Also I plan on reading more Irish authors this year so I might as well start with this one.

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