The Donor (Rae)

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Written by: Nikki Rae

*** Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ***

The review contains spoilers, consider yourself warned!

I never know what to expect from new adult or romances or even paranormal romances. Yet I still go on and read them. Sometimes I'm amused, sometimes I'm bored. Romances are usually similar. One "normal" girl, one "hot/wealthy/older" guy, things happen, they can't be together, then they are. Happy end.

And then there's The Donor. And I don't think I can sum my thoughts about it without going through the spoiling ground.

1. Casey, the main character, needs money and needs them fast. And that would be because she's dying, she's got medical bills to pay and she doesn't want to leave the bills to her parents, who doesn't have much money as it is.
2, Casey meets a guy online - he's a vampire, wants her blood, she's promised a large sum of money if she goes to him across the country for a short stay.
3, The guy, Jonah, founds out about her condition and decides to help her instead of drinking her.
4, Stuff happens, Jonah's daughter needs new lungs and Casey is a match.
5, But Jonah likes her.
The ultimate dilemma - does he turn her or does he safe his daughter.

I think that's the thing about this novel. Vampires are just another thing here, nothing special. And the story might be about Casey but in the end it isn't really about her. We know she dies without having to see her dying. She makes the ultimate sacrifice but does she really?
For me - from that point we find out she's a match for Jonah's daughter, it stops being about Casey and her choices and it starts being about Jonah. And I really liked that.

That said, I had a few problems with this book. Most of them have all to do with how fast we are done with everything. And with the absolutely unnecessary physical aspect of Casey and Jonah's relationship.

The first problem, of course, can be explained by the fact it's a novella.
The second problem I can only explain by the "new adult" category. In all honesty I would be much more satisfied with the story if there wasn't the aspect of "I'm dying, let's do everything we can" which to me translates into "I don't want to die a virgin". I honestly thought that it was redundant.

However I appreciated the novella for what it is - a good entertainment without happy ending - which as you can see is not necessary to write a romance book.

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